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Englische Woche in der Bezirksliga für die Zweite. Daran muss sich auch der Autor halten:

Sensationell victory at TV Jahn and the best team power of all the season until now! Driven by the „Championship of Bezirk 2“ of Marc in the single-competition and Torben/Marc in doubles-competition. The fresh power of the „Weihnachtsmarktbummel“ on saturday evening is not included! That we’re with 2-1 in front after the doubles we know. But that one of these both points is acclaimed by double 3 – that’s new. After the 1-1 in the upper an the middle „couple-cross“ we had a balanced score of 4-3. And now something wonderful new: Two points in the lower „couple-cross“. This fact gave us much force and energy, that we three more points in an row: 9-3!  A lovely new feeling for us. Now we have 10 points and on Friday in the evening session at Melsdorfer TSV we look forward for more points! After the last place in the middle of the season we took all of our chances to collect points  so that we’re on a good way right know! We look forward for some fans and cheerleader on Friday and after the match we want some Whisky in the jar!